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 Character Races

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PostSubject: Character Races   Sun Feb 21, 2016 10:48 pm

The Variety of Races - Possible Updates


Humans currently are the largest group among all the races and have most influence over the lands.Due to their influence many humans tend to wish they could become a noble so they can have a hand in influencing the surrounding area. Humans are relatively tolerant of other races, often being that they are mixed together and living with other races most often. But even though the human race lives in harmony with many other races they are still considered the largest race and thus the most tolerable race.


Elves are almost considered immortal due to their long life span, however it does end. They can be often found in forests or other areas more secluded from other races. They have been seen freely mixing in with humans and other races but they tend to wish to rely only on themselves and a trusted few. The elves have many traits which changed based on which region they are found and the environment they live in but one common trait among them all are their point ears, and most elves not war torn are known to be quite beautiful.

Elves tend not to get along with half Alv's as they are deemed by most as equals in power and knowledge, this has angered many elvish communities but it has not yet come to cause any violence between the two, just a brewing anger.


Dwarves usually have a strong physical build and are short of stature all of the time. When it comes to their profession they are not one to take any sort of criticism, they are quite proud about what ever they do. Dwarves usually tend to lean more towards a farming or merchant guilds then ones of battle but there has been spotted a few Dwarven warriors and paladins that have been referred as saviors for many groups.

Half Alv

Descendants of the now extinct race of Alv, are almost indistinguishable from humans however they can be identified by an emblem found on their tongue. This race has been deemed by many to be equal standing to elves when it came to knowledge and power which honors most Half Alv's as they as a culture wished to become quite close to the elves, however this has divided the two creating friction due to jealousy, not much is known about Half Alvs in terms of life span as most tend to travel frequently and the only death recorded by the other races are that in battle.


Were-cats have feline-like characteristics with cat ears and fur but not a tail. Their feline characteristics make them popular among many of the humans that love cats. Were-Cats are mostly found trying to mingle in with others and do not tend to be alone, they are known to be exceptional weapon specialists due to their agility. For some unexplained reason they do not tend to get along with Wolf Hair.

Wolf Hair

Wolf Hairs appear as humans but tend to have much thicker and heavier hair, this race tend to follow more of extremes when it comes to personality, they are very possessive over different things but are also known to be one of the most loyal of races among them all. It is know that once you gain the trust and friendship of one from this race it will be good for life unless you ruin it. During combat, their wolf-like characteristics can become more pronounced, the hair will stand on edge and their teeth will be more prominent protruding out of the mouth. For some unexplained reason they do not tend to get along with Werecats.

Fox Tail

Fox Tails are known to be quite beautiful and charming of a race physically and personality, they have fox ears and a number of tails depending on their Tier but may hid them with the innate power they have learned how to do passively. This race is known as a more magical based race but are quite agile still as they have learned how to use their skills without the use of a catalyse which makes them favourable for any quests and dungeons that require speed.

Draken Scale

This race was known as a enslaved race for some time, most of this race has excluded themselves from the rest due to this. They do not tend to mix themselves well with others due to there features and worries of the past the rare few of this race would have wings, but the rest are clipped at birth as a worry of what they would become. Even those of this race were recently known as slaves they have become desired as warriors and protectors as they have gained a great amount reputation for their strength.

Race Perks

-Gain 10 Stamina Maximum Per Tier OR Gain 10 Magic Maximum Per Tier-
-Gain 10 Stamina Maximum Per Tier OR Gain 10 Magic Maximum Per Tier-
-May Start with Single Profession Perk-

-Gain 15 Magic Maximum Per Tier-
-Gain 10 Stamina Maximum Per Tier-

-Gain 15 Stamina Maximum Per Tier-
-Gain 10 Magic Maximum Per Tier OR Single Tier 4 Armor (Upgradable)-

Half Alv:
-Gain 25 Magic Maximum Magic Per Tier-

-Gain 20 Stamina Maximum Per Tier-
-Gain 5 Magic Maximum Per Tier or Single Tier 4 Weapon (Non-Upgradable)-

Wolf Hair:
-Gain 25 Stamina Maximum Per Tier-

Fox Tail:
-Gain 15 Magic Maximum Per Tier-
-May Cast Abilities Without Use of Wand or Staff-

Draken Scale:
-Lose 20 Magic Maximum Per Tier-
-May start with Tail which may act as Tier 4 Weapon (Upgradable)-
-Scales Provide Tier 4 Armor (Non-Upgradable)-
-Possibility of Flight at Tier 2-

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Character Races
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