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 Class Types

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PostSubject: Class Types   Sun Feb 21, 2016 10:52 pm

The Classes

There are twelve main classes in Elder Tale, each separated into four general groups: Warrior, Weapon Specializers, Healer, and Mage. Each group fulfills one of the classic MMORPG archetypes of Warriors, Weapon Specialists, Mages, and Healers with some blending between specific classes.

The Warriors

Guardians boast the highest defense with their ability to wear heavy plate armor and wield their signature large shields. This class relies mostly on their defence and less on magic making most of their skills use very little of it.  While they have the ability to use nearly every weapon and armor, they generally use heavy plate armor along with a large shield and a one-handed weapon but their is many who chose to go more offensive and use a two handed weapon instead of using a shield. However as their focus is largely on defence, their damage potential is rather low. Guardians may heal by using magic up to Tier 5.
Samurai would be the most complex class out of the three sub-classes, like Guardians they are able to wear heavy plate armor and can use nearly every weapon in the game, but they lack the Guardian’s large shield and can not equip a shield thus having a lower total defence. They do, however, boast a higher offence than the Guardians, having many chained skills that can be used  in a short period of time. Samurai's are able to deal with a basic attack a single tier higher then all the other classes, making them quite handy as it does not use any cost allowing them to save their abilities for when they need it. Samurai's are incapable of using healing spells.
Monks are quite different compared to the other Warrior Classes. They lack the large weapon and armor pools, having only their fists and specialized weapons and cloth armors. However, they boast a high evasion rate allowing for abilities that are very similar to that of weapon specialist to dodge incoming abilities and attacks so they have less to deal with when it comes to durability of equipment. They can often close a gap quite quickly compared to the warrior or samurai class. Overall, they are a strong solo class due to their high evasion and offensive capabilities, while also bringing strong offensive power to a party. Monks are incapable of using healing spells.

Weapon Specialists

Assassins normally specialize in melee weapon skills, but can also learn ranged weapon skills and there are many who choose the bow and act as snipers. Those within the weapon specialist sub classes boast with their agility and can make Assassins quite deadly.Assassins tend to use sneak attacks and attacks from a distance but their true art is usually that of alchemy more specifically specializing as a poisoner within that profession allowing them to apply these poisons onto their weapons. However the highest armor a assassin may use is cloth armor thus they must pick their targets wisely and not draw too much agro to themselves. This class is usually the most feared class but are incapable of using healing spells.
Swashbuckler can equip any type of one-handed weapons in both hands, making them the only true dual-wielding class. This Class differs from the assassin as most of this class does not worry about sneak attacks and stealthy approaches you will see that most of this class uses a pistol of sorts but they also wear up to Chain Armor which provides them with much more armor then the others. This class tends to have more area of effect skills then most of the weapon specialist subclasses, which is great for farming as they tend to be used to take on a mass of enemies rather then a single target. This Class may start with a single flint lock pistol, and are incapable of using healing spells..
Bards can be seen as support or a front line fighter, however their weapon and armor options are rather limited. Weapons are limited to musical instruments and very basic weapons such as daggers and short swords, as for armor they can wear up to leather armor. Although bards have quite a low defensive and offensive output they are sought after through the support abilities. As they increase everyone else's offensive and defensive strength they are considered the second best support just under the healer class. Bards have very limited healing capabilities which result in more of cures and dispels. May not heal more then Tier 4.


Clerics are considered to be the tank among healers they are capable of wearing up to Plate armor but have very little agility due to this but allows them to fight on the front lines with the other classes. All of the healing sub-classes wield various types of restoration spells however the cleric is known to be the most holy as no evil can use the skills of a cleric and are they are first in obtaining a revival spell which can be used at Tier 1 but are still limited to only one Revival spell. However, while their defence and healing are strong, their offence is lacking a bit. While it is possible for them to do some solo play, they need to join a party to effectively handle stronger enemies as most of this class can only use the odd offensive ability.
Druids, having both offensive and defensive spells, are considered the most well rounded Healer Class—having a fair amount of both offensive and defense magic. Specializing in heal over time spells which the other subclasses can not do, this class can also use supportive abilities to immobilize enemies and apply other conditions such as poison, and paralysis. Druids are only capable of wearing up to leather armor and must also have a catalyse for the use of their spells.
Shamans are considered the most unique and difficult Healer Class to use. Rather than healing, their main focus is the prevention of damage. Their spells create a barrier that can completely nullify a pre-determined amount of damage. At the same time, this is also their weakness as the barriers do not last forever and some prediction is needed to effectively use their protection spells. In addition, they are considered to have the weakest heals. However, their spells can also help restore magic or stamina to others. Must have a catalyse for their spells but may wear up to chain armor.


Sorcerers have many elements that they can use to enrich their spells, they can use the different elements of;Water,Fire,Wind,Earth,Wood,Sound, and Light. Sorcerers may embed magic effects to their own weapons making their offence stronger, however Sorcerers can only wear cloth armor making their defence quite low, high level casters can protect themselves but low level's must rely on others for protection as they also generate much agro. Must use a catalyse for their spells, and are incapable of using healing spells.
Summoners the only class that may call forth mystical spirits and beast to fight in their place or along side them are also known as a mage. As a summoner this class may only use cloth armor making themselves low in offensive ability and defensive abilities, however those they summon make up for that which makes those of this class easily able to do Solo play. The number of Summons are limited which can be found in the ability guidelines. Furthermore, high level summons Tier Three and above can only be used after a contract is formed with the creature they wish to summon. There are also some restrictions on creatures and mystical creatures that may be summoned which would be found in the ability guidelines, and must use a catalyse for their spells, and are incapable of using healing spells.
Enchanters may use a higher form of armor then the other sub-classes of mage which would be chain armor making themselves have a bit more defence however they are still considered low in offensive ability and defensive abilities on the large scale, and any solo play as an Enchanter is simply asking for disaster. However, despite this weak solo play ability, they are deadly in a party. With spells that increase the defensive and offensive abilities of the party and decrease the offensive and defensive capabilities of the enemies they face make them sought after. Must use a catalyse for their spells such as a wand or staff and are incapable of using healing spells.

Future Classes

Like Every other Game we keep evolving. If you have Class suggestions we will discuss them amongst the staff, otherwise we will come up with updates
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Class Types
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