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 Basic Professions

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PostSubject: Basic Professions   Sun Feb 28, 2016 9:34 pm

Profession System

Profession Classes


Artisans have the ability to create fine works of art using everyday materials and their own skill. They can use this skill to make and sell items for their own gain or a guild. This skill provides to an abundance of situations other than equipment for combat. Artisans are usually found being used by guilds to upgrade their guild or by shops doing similar things. This profession would require much hands on work.


Creates potions and poisons which can vary in effect, this profession would require much research on different ingredients and mixes, as well as a vast amount of time collecting these ingredients. An alchemist could use his skills for the people of the land, adventurers, as well as guilds. He could also just sell his skills and remain on his own or start his own business.


The blacksmith is able to create things that vary from as simple as a nail to the blades, armors, and items that can be bestowed with powerful magic, almost every guild would attempt to get their hands on a blacksmith of their own as they are widely known to repair armors and weapons, but most tend to dream of their own business, and may only use a guild as a stepping stone. The guild is a great place for a blacksmith to get many resources to train their skills.


This profession allows the user to make different types of food. In the game, users are allowed to go into menu screen and click the different food items they showed. However, the food tastes awful so they needed to eat food in a different way. When you first start, you get some basic understanding and a couple of recipes but when you can learn different types of styles of food and different cuisines. People with this profession are very valued in guild as they are the make food for the guild so it is good to at least have 3 or 4 of them, masters of this trade can then even create food that revitalises and gives buffs.


They create different types of machinery. Because this game is more magic type, this is a very rare profession, however they can be quite useful at time. At first your can only produce things like levers and pulleys and they can only use blueprints that they buy. However, the more training they get, they can produce things that are not from that world and they can create there own blueprints, expressing creativity.


These are people who are able to use non magical items to help people tend wounds. This is a very rare profession as it was added just when gamers got stuck in the game. It is more realistic compared to the basic healers and they can be a big help when you do not have a healer or when the healer does not have a lot of mana. However, they need a lot of practice and studying to be able to treat certain injuries. They can work well with Mechanics as they are able to build different machines so the Physician can diagnose what is happening.


This profession allows the person to make different scrolls and maps for people to use. As of right now, maps are incredibly useful as the onscreen map is gone. They can also use rare drops and ingredients to make powerful tomes for people to use. Scribes can also make contracts which can bestow the Adventurer subclass onto NPCs. However, ingredients defer depending on the NPC. They are able to sort through piles of paper and find the information they need.


These people are able to craft different types of items from cloth and leather. These items would consist of armor, mostly for the classes that use magic and some weapon specialists. Now, you can make different emblems for guild and your own creative armor. However, if you intend to sell it, you need to ask the staff what price it should be to prevent over priced goods.


Gamers are able to make different items using wood such as furniture, houses, and weapons. They are also able to make bases for guilds to use. The more experienced Carpenters are able to identify different wood and trees with one look and can see if a tree is ready to be cut. They also have creativity on their side as they can make there own items that were not originally in the game.


These are people who are skilled to hunt different animals and are very knowledgeable about their surroundings. They can track different animal patterns and are able to identify what they are. Additional skills include basic survival skills, different traps for monsters, and navigation skills to travel around different areas. They can also hunt people and monsters for different bounties.


These people are skilled on travelling on the sea. They are able to sail a ship properly and navigate through harsh waves. With more experience, they can learn more about different life in the sea and there weaknesses. They can also become treasure hunters, finding treasure on the water or pirates, raiding other ships out on the sea. This requires a lot of studying and practice to become an expert sailor.

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Basic Professions
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