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 Plot Opening

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PostSubject: Plot Opening   Wed Sep 02, 2015 1:00 am

Plot Opening

We were all once players, real life people. We all had dreams, but we loved this game, there were many of us, from all walks of life. We were people that the rest of society forgot. So now we find ourselves here in this world, a world where we can realize those dreams. This artificial world is now ours to rebuild and mold. We will call this place home. As players we were but fish in the sea, now that we are stuck here by a far-long event, we must grow and learn of this place. There are guilds out there that have rebuilt the cities after the initial wave of chaos among the players. Some are famous, others remain in the shadows watching the crowds, regardless most are welcoming for all players. Seek out these guilds for they will guide you, find a group and enjoy this new world. Explore, have fun, and never ever look back, for this is all there is.

The first stone has been cast

A call came across all the chats, skies, and even creatures carried the message, it was a challenge. A challenge to the bravest and strongest, to those who felt they were more important, the best suited for every challenge. The call was everywhere it radiated so much power, it was scary. Yet people answered it, they listened to the message, and those that could not partake looked for people who could answer the call. It took almost a year, but they finally gathered from every region of the world. There was four of them to start things off, the northern land offered a grand healer, the southern lands offered a unique swashbuckler, while the Eastal Region offered up their wisest grand caster, a formidable man. The last of those to answer the call was the person they found when they arrived sleeping wrapped up by a wolf, who greeted them when they entered. The wolf told them that her dumb-ass of a master had pressed some buttons and flipped some switches, which had triggered the alarm to go off as well as preventing people from leaving the temple. Thus after a short rest the group came together for the first time and decided how they want to proceed through their first dungeon, as a team.

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Plot Opening
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