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 Founding A Guild

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PostSubject: Founding A Guild   Tue Sep 01, 2015 9:42 pm

Founding A Guild

These are some things you will be required of before founding a guild

  • You must first pay a start up fee for the guild in Gold which is to be determined by Staff, which depends on Location, Type of Guild, Guild Hall size. (Includes Nothing)

  • Who ever pays this fee must be the guild founder.

  • The guild must have a minimum of three active members including the founder, to start the guild, they must have a major influence in the guild and in its creation. These members must have a strong bond with the founder gained through experience, topics will be checked. (NPC can not count as a founding member.)

  • Your character must have a reason too forming a guild, why he would wish to lead one rather than join one. They must show capability of leading a guild.

  • Must complete Multiple Quests created by staff, before the guild is recognized by the site.

  • Purchasing different items would make you more recognized by other guilds, and your popularity on the site, this is a very expensive process. There will be a variety of things you will have to buy, such things may involve a banner, property, guild supplies and much more.

  • There will be a guild fee bi-monthly.

Guild Creation Template:

Desired Name: Name of Guild

Main City of Guild: Which City will this be founding in, this is where the first property must be located which will always be counted as the Main Guild Area.

Type of Guild: [Social/Raiding/Dungeon/Merchant/Farming/Crime Guild]

A Staff member has every right to deny and application for starting a guild if the basics from above are not complete.
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Founding A Guild
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