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 General Forum Rules

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PostSubject: General Forum Rules   Sat Aug 29, 2015 10:59 pm


Treat others how you want to be treated. Welcome members and guests alike, be kind, and display respect to all. Do not cause havoc over the site or start unnecessary drama. Keep cussing/cursing to a minimum. No racial slurs. This site is rated MA. Don't give us in-detail info about the last time you got laid -- this also goes for sexual images and sexual scenes. If you're dating someone on the site, that's fine -- but leave your personal romance sessions to yourselves. If you feel you must RP the intimate Scenes, fade the current thread to black and take it to the PM'S. This goes for any disturbing personal matters as well -- abuse, overuse of alcohol, drugs, rape, etc. Those sort of intense problems are for real life, for real people in your life to help you, not for a handful of online associates. However, please, bare in mind that this rule does not exclude daily troubles and concerns -- they can be shared at any time. And, please, do not shy from asking any questions... whether it be regarding the site, the series, or if you're new to roleplaying. There is no such thing as a dumb question, and there is bound to be someone to help you out.

If you're going to join, do not just join and then drop off the face of the Earth. We want members who will come online frequently. We want members to be active, post, roleplay, and have fun. If you're going to be gone for a period of time, post in the introductions and absences thread and let us know before you leave.

This roleplay is semi-literate to literate based, which means no one liners. No two-liners. No three-liners. Someone who could post up to 1 paragraph with at least 5 lines is acceptable, as other people wouldn't have their creativity pumped up that much on their first time. But please, try to keep your post as detailed as you could, otherwise people might have a problem understanding your moves and it may result in a misunderstanding and then conflict. A mod has a right to tell you to rewrite and post to make it acceptable to others. Your posts must be in Third Person, with pronouns like "she", "he", "it", "his", "hers", etc. and be in past tense, like "ran", "saw", "cooked", etc. No first person. No present tense unless your character is thinking.

To avoid confusion, I would also like to see your best grammar and correct spelling, as well as justifiable forms of punctuation. It's okay if you mess up every now and again -- that's understandable; just don't make it a constant. Dialogue should be in "quotations", in a certain colour, or bold, while thoughts should be in italics or 'like this'. Try to stick to this rule as much as possible if you don't we won't get on you about it. But follow this rule please as it makes it easier for us to know what exactly your character is saying.

Out Of Character conversations, or OOC, during roleplay should be in some form of bracket or parenthesis to set it apart from your roleplaying post: { }, [ ], or ( ).

This roleplay is in liquid time. In other words, you can have your character in more than one thread at a time, all of them happening within the same time-stream or before/after another. The only threads that are fixed points are the ones that directly relate to or are a part of the plot. Plot Threads are only supplied by the Staff, should move a bit quicker than normal threads, can seem a bit disorganised, and point to a certain goal or objective that will put everyone one step further in the game. They are major parts of the game, and are the only threads that move the story along and help the sites progress. These types of events and special Missions are the only ones where you can recieve special Unique Gear for your Character.

No spamming. Post in the correct board for everything. Adverts go in the "Advertising" board, affiliates in the "Affiliating" board, questions go in the "Questions" board, etc. If you're new to the site and don't know where to post something, PM a staff member or ask someone in the Chatbox, or post in the "Questions" board -- we'll help you. This also calls for the rule of no double-posting, as it is annoying and can get out of hand. The "Modify" button is there for a reason -- if you'd edited your post, put what you changed/added in bold or notify us in the Chatbox.

Which brings me to this...

The Chat Box

The Chatbox is a tool we use to communicate with other members of the forum in real time. It is the best way for our members to gather and plan threads with each other. As such, it also has rules that our members should abide by.

1. To use the C-box, you have to be a registered member of the board and have an accepted character. Guests do have a grace period of a week to use the cbox to ask questions and get to know our community before they have to submit AT LEAST a "Work in Progress" (WIP) character registration. Otherwise, you will be banned from the cbox until you submit a full character registration.

2. Though we welcome you to shower us with questions (that are not already answered in the rules, character creation posts, etc) please refrain from spamming the Chatbox. Our staff will be more than happy to help you in PMs.

3.You are allowed to swear, just try and keep it moderate. Dony let it reach a point where your insulting each other or person/people you are role playing with. Remember if you insult someone while a moderator or admin is on or even if they are not and happen to see or hear about it they will look it over as a report then there may be consequences if they see fit. If you feel as if any of administrators or moderators are insulting you report to me i'll look over it and the same would happen even to them. Please do not argue in any thread or in the box. If you want to argue, go and private chat that person you are mad at. Don't bother others with your problems. It really gets annoying. Please do not try and argue with the staff, and follow all decisions. If you feel a member of the staff has violated your rights, feel free to contact one of the admins.

4. No posting links to adult websites, etc. When it comes to topic, we allow our members to keep a certain sense of liberty. We encourage freedom of speech, and most of our conversations can get pretty wacky. None the less, if a topic gets too offensive or raunchy then please drop it if a member of the board asks you too. See we're cool here!

5. There's countless things we don't want you doing in the cbox, many that might not be listed... if a mod asks you to desist or to drop a certain topic, please do it.

6. A ban from the cbox is separate from a ban on the board, meaning that you can still RP. Please do not use this as an opportunity to make your case or rant on the board. Otherwise, the ban can and will extend to the board. Any disputes with the staff should be handled in Private Messages.


We know that you like showing off how your character looks like, especially on your signatures, but please keep it on a moderate size. It takes alot of space on the site as well as it gets annoying once you have bigger topics and have large signatures to scroll over.

Something like this would be perfect or slightly larger:

Battle Ettiquette

There are a few rules when battling. Please read these thoroughly to help you better understand how to fight.

Just like a normal RP, you must takes turns in a battle. When it is your turn and someone is attacking you, that next turn you have the option to dodge it or block it. But please don't think this limits you to just one move per turn. Since this is text based, no stats or die or anything like that, you can go ahead and post what you want to do after you've dodged or whatever. PLEASE NOTE! No character is perfect and they will eventually get hit, so please do not block every attack at you.

There are rules to what your abilities can be such as, no energy draining, no one-hit KO's and so forth. These are all forms of cheating, and no one here likes to be cheated against, so don't do it. If you have one of these as a special, your application will not be approved.

Of course, a battle can't go on forever. So, this is where you must know when your character has reached their limits. It does not matter whether you win or lose, you will NOT lose your character if you lose. But if a problem arises to where the battle goes on for months, a staff member will go through and read the topic, and judge who the winner will be based on their role playing skills. But please do not make it come to that.

Your only allowed to be in ONE event thread PER CHARACTER! You can be in a max of 4  non-event threads a, and you can be in an event thread and a couple other non event threads. You can also be in multiple events with different characters. The only restriction is 1 Event thread Per Character. After a character has exited an event thread, they can join a new one.

All event posts must have the "[Event]" tag in it's name. For example: "Life in Hell [Event]". That way people are familiar with where events are taking place. Or, you can now place 'Event' in the post description located under the topic line.

In a battle where the opponents are evenly matched or even in a battle where one person is overwhelmed by many. There comes a point and time where you must admit your character has reached the limit of their power and enters Fatigued state. Fatigue state lasts for at least 3 posts minimum unless otherwise stated my an admin or a mod that it will last longer or shorter as the case warrants.

To make this fair to everyone. Fatigue state is when your character is tired beaten up and/or overusing his powers. You can still fight as normally however all attacks made by a character in Fatigue state will be reduced to 50% of its normal power & speed as well.


Your character CAN die. If your character dies during an event, then he/she cannot participate in the event any more and will have to then follow the Revival Rules unless revived by another player character by spell or item. The same applies to any deaths in missions or plot development. Please note that only Support Class Characters can resurrect a character the one who tries to resurrect him/her looses half their MP unnless they use an Item.

If there are any further questions, please ask me, and I will answer them, and then modify it into the rules.
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General Forum Rules
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